Nathan Luis Steinke

Passionate about helping musicians and composers learn about the music business.
I love to create music, write prose, draw and paint among other things.

Living Art, “Rip Cobra” by Nathan Luis Steinke

Music, “Viral Conspiracies” Lease Here

Living Art, “Melting Moth” by Nathan Luis Steinke

24 x 16 wrapped canvas only $139.95 

Music, “Moments Ago” also by Me! Lease Here

I painted this for a friend of mine. She wanted a moth but something a bit different, so, I thought, while I am at it, I might as well make it a video and share it on youTube!  Do enjoy!

Living Art, “Self Awareness” by Nathan Luis Steinke

Music, “Building Terror” by Nathan Luis Steinke

Lease here:

New production music by liftedCREATION

Short 60 Second Piano solos intended for use in backgrounds or commercial advertisements, all tracks are for lease at pond5 for 14$-20$

Lease tracks here at pond5

Musicians, learn how to lease your own music!

Dedicated to teaching and sharing music business ideas.

Living Art “Solar Suicide” Music: Ground Beneath by Nathan Luis Steinke

This is my third video trying to blend my art and my music together.

Living Art “Graven Image
Music: Water Flows Deep
Original Piece by Nathan Luis Steinke

My newest creation, Do enjoy…

Living Art “My Mind” Music: Cortex Meltdown by Nathan Luis Steinke